Social Responsibility

Kokan Mati Pratishthan :

P.G.Group , a responsible company for sustainable development

"Large corporations can no longer focus only on economic performance, without paying attention to what is happening around them. It is our responsibility, to become involved in the social and societal lives of the countries where we do business".

Corporate Social responsibility

The P.G.Group has an infinite passion for business. This same passion can be seen in its commitment to the society. Right at the very beginning, the founder of the P.G.Group, Shri P.V.Gaikwad instilled a sense of responsibility towards the society in every employee.

Through the Kokan Mati Pratishan, Prakash Gaikwad reaches out to millions who require assistance for kokani Peoples Problems. The group has also worked towards providing assistance to the physically and mentally challenged. The herculean task of disaster relief and, social & religious commitments are carried out through our various business divisions.

From permanent activities to need based charities, the group has always been the first to extend a helping hand to those in need. The activities are countless, and the commitment strong. Indeed, it is one of the few corporate who walk the talk. Because, The Group's investments are not just on paper, but can be seen in the smiles of millions.

About Kokan Mati Pratishthan

His is the charitable trust founded in 2008 by Mr.Prakash Gaikwad, Kokan mati prathishan mainly active for:

Disadvantaged Children inaugurated in Kokan:
To support the local community and preserve the environment, Kokan Mati Pratisthan fighting for eco-friendly structure in Sindhudurga District using solar heating, solar lighting, fly ash bricks and natural stones. The Project christened, aims to educate, rehabilitate and socially integrate 40 disadvantaged children by providing them shelter and vocational skills. This project is become a key contributor to sustainable development around the world.

Restoring farming in Konkan, India:
Kokan Mati Pratisthan is actively involved in restoring the soil to increase agricultural productivity in remote areas of kokan, which has suffered years of erosion from monsoons.

Girls Education Project:
Kokan Mati Pratisthan contributed towards the cause of "Girls Education" - meaning providing Education to the Girl Child, to ensure girl child education in Kokan.

Framing Projects :
Kokan Mati Pratisthan mainly active for farmers education for farming .

Kokan Investment :
Kokan Mati Pratisthan focus on investor who want to invest in konkan Kokan Mati Pratisthan help for their projects in konkan.This is for increase employment in kokan belt.