About Us

The P.G Group head-quartered in Pune (Maharashtra) is over 15 Years standing and has multi-faceted interests including Infrastructure, Real Estate, Industrial Platform, Agro,NEP work software and hardware. The conglomerate has an excellent track record. The Group is managed by a team of professionals under the able & visionary guidance of its Chairman & Managing Director,
Mr. Prakash V. Gaikwad His business vision, core competence & analytical faculty in business forecasting coupled with the professional management support has seen the Group successfully grow from strength to strength, through a corporate journey over the last thirty years, ensuring continuous growth and development.

Group Philosophy:

The P.G Group believes that success depends on timely & continuous identification of business opportunities and taking advantage of them by informed and calculated risks. It also believes that all resources, particularly time, are of prime value in pursuing the business opportunities. And, Human Resources are the principal moving factor in making things happen and getting the positive results thereof.

The Group believes in optimizing the management capabilities in managing the operations of various Divisions. This is done through compact teams comprising of optimum number of people, each of which functions as cost and profit centers, accountable and responsible for actions and results. The major business activities of the Group are managed as Strategic Business Units (SBUs). Each SBU is headed by a Senior Professional Manager, who is empowered by appropriate operating authority as congruent to the needs.

Over the years, the P.G. Group has also evolved & developed Procedure Manuals, by which all operating and functional groups are guided. Besides ensuring a continuous process of review, technological changes and factors of paradigm shift are taken into account in updating the systems and procedures.

Financial Policy:

The Group is a well-diversified and financially sound organization, having followed a set of pragmatic and conservative financial policies from the beginning, thus putting in place a sound financial base for itself. We deal with major local as well as international banks.

Human Resource:

The Group has substantial employees on its rolls at various local and overseas locations. The overall activities of the Group are controlled from its Corporate Office in Pune, which has an apex body of well-experienced and professionally qualified senior Managers & Executives functioning under the direct leadership of the Group Chairman & Managing Director, who keeps himself constantly updated on strategic management and business scenario changes.

Yesterday, Today and forever:

Yesterday was about large strides with conviction and entrepreneurial spirit. We believe success is a journey, with highs and lows. We constantly embark on this journey, inviting all stakeholders, customers, investors, financial institutions, employees, government, and society to grow with us.

In 12 years, we have built a diversified group supported by our strong reputation across all of our industry verticals.

Today we are ready to consolidate our position in Urban Infrastructure development.

For tomorrow, we dream of larger strides. Our beacons remain entrepreneurship and ideas with a vision. We wish to grow by harnessing the learning's of our past. And then, leap frog into the future.

We have a foundation built on entrepreneurial spirit, on which we intended to build one of India's largest business groups.

We want to constantly create value, wealth, and jobs. To make it all believed humanly real and worthwhile, we want to give back to society several-fold.